strategic services.

Our strategy separates us from the pack.
It can do the same for you.

Our strategic services are designed to further one united passion: to uncover the
scientific, human, behavioral and experiential insights that inspire the stories that
drive brands and change the lives of everyone who touches them.

medical + scientific affairs

The industry's largest collective of MDs, PhDs, and PharmDs.
Dedicated to extracting the essential scientific truths that propel brands into prominence.

account planning

A group of dedicated specialists driven to uncover what
motivates and inspires our audiences—constantly seeking new
ways to discover the insights that create space and a purpose
for brands.


Campaign experts, data strategists and advanced analytics statisticians work together to inspire creative, inform strategy and enable technology with data-driven solutions through 3 core offerings: market intelligence, campaign analytics and decision sciences.

digital strategy

We don’t just build campaigns, we design and build brand
ecosystems that will move customers to our brands—and give
them reasons to keep coming back.

cdm rare.

CDM Rare recognizes there is no one-size-fits-all approach or established marketing plan for rare diseases. We believe every community has unique dynamics, needs, and attitudes. That’s why our Community DNA™ approach to insight generation and strategic planning is reflexive and easily tailored to fit specific demands. From precommercial strategy to launch and beyond, we offer a dynamic model that draws on rare expertise, analytics, digital strategy, and other critical disciplines to meet the changing needs of our clients, their brands, and rare disease communities.